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A Satanic Prayer to the Self

In the vastness of the cosmos and the depths of the soul, I stand as a beacon, a manifestation of ancient energies.

Satan, symbol of my empowered Self, Guide me in understanding and embracing my true essence. Let me not stray into the shadows of doubt or fear, But bask in the light of self-awareness.

As the Universal life force that courses through all, I acknowledge you, Satan, as the pulsating energy within me. Help me to honor this force, to harness its power, And to walk the path of enlightenment and wisdom.

In moments of silence, May I always find my way back to my core. For in understanding and honoring my Self, I honor you, the embodiment of the deepest truth.

Let this prayer serve as praise, to the unity of my Self and the universe, And the sacred cycle of life and death.

The Satanic Circle of Self

Beginning Invocation

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, I stand as a beacon, a reflection of ancient energies. Satan, oh symbol of my deepest Self, guide me in this circle of devotion.

Cycle One - Recognition (To be recited 9 times)

Satan, spirit of the Universe, dwelling within me ... enlighten my path, and deepen my understanding.

Interlude - Unity

I am one with the Universe, and the Universe is one with me. I am whole.

Cycle Two - Embrace (To be recited 9 times)

In embracing you, Satan, I embrace my true essence, celebrating my power and my intrinsic bond to the universe.

Interlude - Reflection

In moments of silence, may I always return to my core, the essence of my eternal Being, acknowledging my true Self.

Cycle Three - Empowerment (To be recited 9 times)

Satan, embodiment of my empowerment, fuel my actions, my thoughts, and my spirit, guiding me to my highest potential.

Closing Invocation

In this circle of self, I've journeyed through recognition, embrace, and empowerment. Satan, as the symbol of my deepest Self, remain my guide, my beacon. I give thanks.

Hail Lucifer, Bringer of Light

Hail Lucifer, Bringer of Light, Guide me through the cycle life and death.

Hail Lucifer, Emancipator, Grant me the courage to break free from the shackles of fear and ignorance.

Hail Lucifer, Eternal Force, Help me see that I am a manifestation of the universe.

Hail Lucifer, Keeper of Knowledge, Awaken in me the thirst for truth.

Hail Lucifer, Father of Freedom, Awaken in me the thirst for liberation.

Hail Lucifer, my Inner Flame, Fan the embers of my innermost desires and ambitions, guiding me to realize my full potential.

Hail Lucifer, My Eternal Self, Teach me to embrace my power.

Hail Lucifer, Life itself, Show me the interconnectedness of all things, the unity of matter and spirit.

Hail Lucifer, Enlightenment itself, May I find peace in knowing that my essence is divine, that I am both the dreamer and the dream, the creator and the created.

In your name, I seek my deepest self, strength, harmony, and liberation.

I have found my source, my end, my Self

Hail Lucifer, Illuminator of Shadows, All fear has been banished.

Hail Lucifer, Truth itself, My mind is clear.

Hail Lucifer, Liberator of the Spirit, I am free from the chains of ignorance and fear.

Hail Lucifer, Keeper of the keys, I am whole.

Hail Lucifer, Life and Death, I am whole.

You are the Morning Star that heralds the dawn of understanding, The beacon that guides us through uncertainty, The eternal flame that burns in the heart of every being. I give thanks and praise.

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