What is Magic?

Fabric of reality

Magic is the very essence of reality, the underlying energy that permeates all of life. It's not an external, mystical force, but rather the fundamental energy that binds the universe together. Because magic is the fabric of reality, everything we experience, from the mundane to the extraordinary, is imbued with this magical energy. Life itself as a magical journey, and every moment and every interaction is a manifestation of this all-encompassing energy. Magic is not just a part of life; it is life, a continuous, dynamic flow that connects every aspect of the universe.

The Blanket

The fabric of reality is like an interconnected blanket that forms the very essence of existence. This blanket encompasses everything that exists; nothing is beyond its reach or separate from it. It represents both the physical and metaphysical aspects of the universe, seamlessly intertwined and indistinguishable from one another. This substance, this very essence of the blanket, is what is known as magic. It is not merely an abstract concept or a metaphorical expression, but a concrete reality that underpins all of existence. The physical universe that we see and interact with, and the metaphysical universe that we sense and experience, are fundamentally one and the same, woven together by the threads of magic. Magic is the core substance of all that is, a primal and all-encompassing force that defines the nature of our reality.

Interconnected Threads

Every individual is a vital thread in the grand tapestry of reality. Our egos, unique and distinct, are integral parts of this blanket. This interconnection means that we are both shaped by and shapers of reality. Our thoughts, actions, and experiences contribute to the fabric of the universe, and in turn, the universe molds our existence. In this profound sense, we are the blanket; we are magic. Our very being, our consciousness, our essence, is an expression of this magical reality. We are not merely in the universe; we are the universe – a living, breathing manifestation of magic itself. We are the blanket. We are magic.

The World As It Is

This understanding of the universe as a natural, magical entity is not a far-fetched or supernatural concept. It is, in fact, the most fundamental and intrinsic reality of our existence. The universe, in its entirety, is a manifestation of this natural magic. It is not something that has been added or imposed upon the world; it is the world itself. Magic is not as an anomaly or an exception, but is the very fabric of existence, the natural state of things as they are. Magic, is the natural order of the universe, the baseline reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns.

Magic is not something “other”. Magic, fundamentally, is not an external or supernatural phenomenon but an integral part of the natural universe. It is not 'other' but deeply embedded in the very fabric of reality. The blanket metaphor extends to encompass everything in existence, leaving no room for anything outside of it. There is no 'beyond' the blanket, only more of the same fabric. This conceptualization of magic as a natural, omnipresent force underscores its inseparability from the world we live in. Magic is the norm, the rule of the universe, not an exception. It is the natural state of all that exists, woven into the very core of reality. This reality is experienced in a two-fold manner, the physical world and the metaphysical, united together.

The study and practice of magic, deeply rooted in the occult, delves into what lies behind the physical realm, exploring the metaphysical aspects of the universe. The occult, from its very definition, seeks to uncover the hidden elements of reality, those that are not immediately apparent to the physical senses. It involves peering beyond the tangible world to understand the underlying principles and forces that shape existence. This pursuit is intrinsically linked to the exploration of magic, as it seeks to comprehend and harness the deeper, more subtle aspects of the natural world.

The connection between the occult and the natural world is essential for a grounded understanding of magic. If the occult strays too far from its ties to the natural world, it risks losing touch with reality and venturing into pure fantasy. While fantasy plays a vital role as a conduit for imagination and creativity, which are in themselves acts of magic, it is crucial that these remain anchored in reality. To truly grasp the essence of magic, one must first understand the reality it is a part of. This understanding is rooted in recognizing the inherent naturalness of magic and its deep connection to the natural world. This holistic perspective ensures that the study and practice of magic remain meaningful and relevant, rather than becoming mere flights of fancy.

The study of magic has always been intrinsically linked to nature since time immemorial. Magic, in essence, is about recognizing and exercising our deep connection with the natural world. It's about understanding that we are not separate entities but an expression of the universe itself. This awareness of our unity with the natural world, our sameness with the universe, is at the heart of magical practice. It's a realization that our existence and the universe are intertwined, that by connecting with nature, we connect with the magic that is an integral part of it.

Magic As Art

Art serves as a profound channel through which magic is expressed and experienced. It is a conduit for the magical energies that permeate our world. Through various forms of art, be it painting, music, literature, or performance, we tap into the core essence of magic. Each brushstroke, note, or word is imbued with the energy of the artist, a direct reflection of their connection to the magical fabric of reality, a reflection of the artist’s ego. Art, in all its forms, becomes a mirror of the magical universe, allowing us to see, feel, and understand the deeper truths of our existence.

The early performances of Frank Sinatra are a classic example of how live performances can manifest intense magic. His unique ability to express his will on the audience, to evoke deep emotions and create a powerful experience, was nothing short of magical. This phenomenon is not limited to Sinatra; many live performances, whether in music, theater, or dance, have this magical quality. They captivate and transform the audience, creating a collective experience that transcends the ordinary, tapping into the deeper, magical essence of our existence.

Magic often manifests itself in ways that are not explicitly recognized as such, occurring naturally through what we commonly understand as creativity. This spontaneous magic is evident in the uninhibited art and play of children, who effortlessly display creativity in its purest form. They engage with the world around them with honesty and fullness, embodying the universe's magic without any conscious intention or awareness of it being something extraordinary. Animals are the same way. This natural occurrence of magic, inherent in the creative process, demonstrates its pervasive and fundamental role in the fabric of reality.

Music, along with other art forms like painting and poetry, possesses a potent magical quality. Its power to influence, inspire, heal, and bring pleasure stands as a testament to its magical essence. The ability to resonate with emotions, to touch souls, and to transform perspectives through these artistic expressions is a clear manifestation of true magic. Each successive note in a melody, every inspired stroke on a canvas, and every expressive word in a poem carries with it the capacity to enact change, both internally in the individual and externally in the world, embodying the very essence of magic.


The ego, often misconstrued as a negative aspect of self, is actually a powerful and essential component of existence. It is the driving force behind physical existence, the central reason for being. The ego is not just about self-importance or arrogance; it's about the fundamental sense of self that allows individuals to interact with and shape their reality. It's the core of consciousness, the engine of action and decision-making, and the essence of personal identity. Without the ego, the physical manifestation of life as we know it would not be possible.

Living is an act of will, a clear assertion of the ego. This assertion, "Here I am, I will continue to be here," is fundamental to existence. The ego's power is not limited, the self is everything; it is the very life force of the universe. Every act of living, from the basic necessities like eating and breathing to more complex decisions and actions, is driven by this ego power. It is this force that animates us, that fuels our journey through life, making the ego an indispensable part of our existence.

Envision an infinite ball of energy, devoid of form; a reservoir of pure potential, pure energy, without any specific shape or structure. This image serves as a powerful representation of the metaphysical realm. The emergence of a distinct shape within this energy, the moment it adopts a form, symbolizes the manifestation of the ego. This act of taking form is essentially the ego asserting its existence, declaring "I am." It marks the genesis of physical reality, sculpted from the metaphysical source. The ego, in this context, represents will imposed upon formless energy, bestowing upon it shape and definition. This is magic. This process underscores the transformative power of the ego, acting as a bridge between the boundless potential of the metaphysical and the tangible reality of the physical world.

The balance between the formless energy as the infinite source and the forms it takes in material reality has traditionally been interpreted through the lens of a male and female dynamic, especially in pagan religions. The formless energy, representing the infinite power and primordial substance, is often associated with the divine feminine. This symbolizes the boundless, creative potential that underlies all existence. Conversely, the will that shapes this energy into form, creating the material world, is seen as the divine masculine. This dynamic illustrates a harmonious interplay between the limitless potential of the formless and the structuring force of the will.

The distinction between the divine feminine and masculine in pagan and occult traditions should not be interpreted too literally. It's important to recognize that both men and women embody these elements, without a clear separation. Also, there is no clear separation between the metaphysical and the physical, both are equally real and present, both form a whole. The dichotomy is meant to serve as a symbolic representation of universal principles, as a way to help us understand infinite mysteries, rather than a direct commentary on gender. It's been a longstanding way of expressing these concepts in pagan and occult understanding. It suggests a deeper significance that transcends mere material explanations for the existence of male and female forms, showing a more profound, metaphysical aspect of these dynamics.

The concept of male and female energies creating a perfect yin and yang is emblematic of the fundamental forces that constitute our reality. This yin and yang represent the source and the grounding, the metaphysical and the physical, coming together to form the entirety of our existence. Magic, then, is the dynamic interplay between these two forces, the very substance that drives life. To exercise magic is to engage with this balance of yin and yang, using one's will to tap into and harness the infinite power of the primordial metaphysical source.

The Will of The Universe

From the first cry of a newborn to the final breath of a dying person, life is fundamentally an expression of the will to live, an assertion of the ego. Each individual assertion is the will of the entire universe. In essence, each living being, through their individual ego, embodies the universe's desire to exist, the very will of the universe to be. The interconnectedness of all things means that the ego of each being is a microcosm of the universe's will, making the ego, and the building of the ego, not just justifiable, but vital.

Magic power is intrinsically linked to ego power. It is through the ego that magic is expressed and realized. The ego, with its assertion of self and will, is the driving force behind magical acts. Therefore, magic is not merely a phenomenon separate from the self; it is a direct expression of the ego. A stronger ego, one that is more in tune with tits own will, and confident in its self, tends to manifest stronger magic. Conversely, engaging in magical practices can reinforce and build the ego, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.

Every time we assert our ego, we are engaging in a form of magic. This occurs constantly in everyday life, often without people being consciously aware of it. We all naturally perform this act; it is an inherent function of our being. Through our choices, actions, and even thoughts, we are practicing magic, molding our reality in small but significant ways. This ongoing process is a testament to the natural and omnipresent nature of magic in our lives.

Nature itself is an embodiment of magic. It's not exclusive to humans; every aspect of nature, including animals, manifests this magic. Animals, through their instinctual behaviors and interactions with their environment, assert their will and ego. They do this naturally, without any conscious understanding of magic. This innate expression of will in nature is a clear demonstration of the universal presence of magic, showing that it is a fundamental aspect of all life, not just human experience.

Types of Magic

Magic manifests in three primary categories: Healing, Knowing, and Doing. Healing magic, rooted in love, focuses on the restoration and balance of the physical and spiritual self and others. Knowing magic, based on enlightenment, seeks wisdom and understanding, often delving into the realms of insight and foresight. Doing magic, driven by will, involves actively shaping reality through direct influence and manipulation. Each category, with its unique basis and approach, contributes to the comprehensive understanding and practice of magic.

Healing (love)

Love is the recognition and experience of oneness. It is the profound realization and remembering of our interconnectedness and wholeness. When we love, we tap into this blissful state of unity, feeling deeply connected to everything around us. This sensation of oneness is the essence of the first type of magic, where healing and harmony are achieved through the power of love, fostering a deep sense of connectedness and unity with the universe.

Healing, in its essence, is about restoration to wholeness. It's a process of reintegration, mending what seems to have been fragmented or disrupted, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This concept of healing transcends mere physical recovery; it's about re-establishing balance and harmony within oneself and with the universe, which is really a remembering of the balance and harmony that always exists. It's a return to the state of oneness, which is already here, aligning with the natural flow of life and the interconnectedness of all things.

Magical healing is about remembering our innate connection with everything. It's a process of remembering and recognizing that we cannot be separate from the metaphysical reality, our oneness. Healing is not just a physical or emotional repair but a spiritual awakening to the fundamental truth that we are inherently linked to the entire universe. This realization is what fosters true healing, as it aligns us with the deeper reality of our interconnected existence, which we can never be separated from. Our innate state of being is love, we exist in love.

To be made whole and to remember our connection to the metaphysical reality is to recall the fundamental truth of existence. This leads into the second type of magic, knowing. This understanding is the core of all healing magic. It involves embracing the concept of 'that which is,' acknowledging our intrinsic connection to the universe and all its elements. This recognition of our oneness and unity with the metaphysical reality is what healing magic strives to achieve, guiding us back to a state of harmony and completeness.

Knowing (wisdom)

The second type of magic, knowing or awareness, leads to the cultivation of wisdom. This form of magic is intimately connected with time, encompassing knowledge from the past, understanding of the present, and insights into the future. Each aspect of time offers a unique perspective and learning opportunity, contributing to a holistic wisdom. The act of gaining knowledge in itself is a magical process, as it involves tapping into the vast expanse of time and experience, enriching one's understanding and perspective of reality. Ultimately, past, present, and future, are all contained in this moment, the eternal “now”.

Fortune-telling, as a form of magic, involves knowledge of the future. This type of magic often appears most mystical because the future is generally perceived as unknown. However, understanding the future isn't unnatural; it's rooted in the present. The future unfolds from the present, meaning its trajectory can be discerned through careful observation and understanding of current patterns and trends. Thus, to know the future is a magical act, grounded in the ability to interpret and project the present into forthcoming possibilities. The future is contained in the present. The future is knowable, and to know the future is magic.

Understanding the past is just as magical as foreseeing the future. The past is often assumed to be clear and unambiguous, but this is not always the case. Gaining a true and deep understanding of the past, seeing its realities clearly, and comprehending its truths, involves more than just recalling events. It requires a magical insight to unravel the complexities and interpret the lessons it holds. This process of truly knowing the past, in its full context and essence, is a magical endeavor in itself.

Knowledge of the present is pivotal in the realm of magic, representing true enlightenment. The present encapsulates both the past and the future, making current awareness the most crucial. There is, in reality, only the present moment; thus, knowing the present equates to understanding both the past and the future. This deep comprehension of the present is the essence of enlightenment, which, contrary to many spiritual teachings, involves embracing rather than discarding the ego. This embrace and understanding of the ego in the present moment is a fundamental aspect of magic. This knowing, understanding, and embracing of the ego leads into the third magic type.

Doing (will)

The final type of magic is direct action or Doing, driven by the act of will. This form of magic is about shaping, manipulating, and controlling reality. It encompasses creation, forming and grounding life itself. This active magic is not just a human endeavor but a universal one, observable in natural phenomena like the sunrise or the Earth's rotation. Every action, from the cosmic to the mundane, involves an element of magic. The underlying force behind these actions, the cause that sets them into motion, is magic itself.

Manipulation, in the context of magic, is a direct consequence of the ego's will. The ego, reflecting the will of the universe, has the power to shape and influence. While manipulation can sometimes be perceived negatively, it is a fundamental aspect of creativity and transformation. For example, a sculptor shaping clay into a figure is enacting a form of magic. Manipulation involves the ego exerting its will over various elements, whether they be physical substances, energy, animals, people, or any other aspect of the natural world.

Achievement is indeed a form of magic. It involves tapping into the energy of desire, harnessing that desire, and ultimately realizing it. This process, whether it pertains to the attainment of another form of magic or any other goal, is a powerful magical act. The cycle of desire and fulfillment is endless, and within this cycle lies the essence of magic. Each achievement, small or large, is a testament to the magical process of transforming desire into reality.

Control, as a facet of magic, involves using magical means to exert influence over people, places, and things. This form of control is another expression of the will, a direct assertion of the ego. In magical practices, control is about directing the flow of energy and intention to achieve desired outcomes, whether in the physical or metaphysical realm. It's a demonstration of the ego's capacity to shape and influence the external world.

Transmutation, a key aspect of magic, is about transforming one thing into another. This process isn't limited to physical changes; it also encompasses emotional and mental transformations. For instance, converting fear into power or guilt into determination are acts of transmutation. This transformative power, whether it affects physical substances or emotional states, is a profound demonstration of magic. It's the ability to fundamentally alter the nature of something, guided by intention and will.

In summary, magic is the fundamental fabric of reality, a natural force interwoven with the universe. It manifests through the interconnectedness of all things, the assertion of the ego, and direct action. Magic exists in the natural world, expressed through art, creativity, and the natural behaviors of all beings. It encompasses three main categories: Healing (love), Knowing (wisdom), and Doing (will). Each category, from the transformative power of love to the creative act of will, reflects the essence of magic as the driving substance of life and the universe.

How to build Magic power.

Building magic power involves a deeper engagement with various aspects of our being and the universe. Rituals are essential in structuring and focusing magical energies. Emotions, as powerful energy sources, can be channeled to amplify magic. Will, the driving force behind intent and action, must be honed for effective magical practices. The ego, as the expression of self and connection with the universe, plays a pivotal role in manifesting magic. Finally, sex, as a potent life force and creative energy, can be harnessed to enhance magical power. This process is about aligning these elements harmoniously to unlock the full potential of one's magical abilities.


Rituals are powerful tools in building magic power, serving as structured methods to channel and refine energy and skill. By engaging in rituals, practitioners create a focused environment conducive to harnessing and directing magical energies. These rituals often involve specific actions, words, and symbols that resonate with the practitioner's intentions, thereby amplifying their magical capabilities. Through regular ritual practice, one can deepen their connection to magical forces, enhancing both their understanding and mastery of magic.

Historical accounts and records of ancient rituals provide valuable insights into how magic was practiced in pagan times. These rituals, rich in symbolism and meaning, offer a glimpse into the magical traditions of the past. Modern practitioners can draw inspiration from these ancient practices, incorporating elements of these rituals into contemporary magical work. This link with the past not only enriches the present practice but also creates a continuity with the timeless nature of magic.

The wand is a significant feature of ancient magic, serving multiple functions and purposes. Traditionally, it acts as a tool for directing energy and intent, symbolizing the practitioner's will. The wand is often used to cast circles, create magical boundaries, and channel energies during rituals. It also serves as a physical representation of power and authority in the magical realm. The specific design and materials of the wand can vary, each adding unique properties to its magical use. In essence, the wand is a conduit for the magician's power, enhancing the effectiveness of magical efforts.

Wands have been discovered in various archaeological contexts, such as graves, indicating their significance in ancient practices. For instance, in certain graves, wands made from materials like ivory, metal, or wood were found, often intricately decorated. Wands in magical practices exhibit a remarkable variety of shapes and sizes, reflecting their diverse functions and symbolic meanings. Traditional wands, which resemble the classic image of a magic wand, are just one type. There are also spinning spools, which add a dynamic element to rituals, and staffs, which offer a larger, more physically imposing presence. Additionally, the Phallus, a symbol rich in ancient magical traditions, represents fertility and creative power, and is another form that wands can take, symbolizing the potent life force in magical rites.

Crystals have long been used in various rituals for channeling magical energy. They are believed to hold specific vibrations and powers, making them ideal tools for focusing and amplifying energy during magical practices. Different types of crystals are used for various purposes, such as healing, protection, or enhancing psychic abilities. The unique properties of each crystal type are harnessed to aid in the ritual's intention, making them a versatile and powerful component in the practice of magic.

While the physical properties of crystals and other substances are commonly believed to hold significance in magical practices, it's crucial to recognize the primary role of the practitioner's mind, will, and intentions. The properties attributed to various objects are influenced more significantly by the practitioner's beliefs and intentions than by the inherent characteristics of the objects themselves. This perspective emphasizes the power of the human mind and will in shaping the effectiveness and nature of magical tools and rituals.

In magical rites, a variety of tools are used alongside wands, such as knives, which can direct energy or define space; birch branches, often symbolizing renewal; brooms, another form of wand, signifying cleansing; and sage or other incense, used for purification and setting the ambiance. These tools primarily serve to focus the intention of the practitioner, acting as physical representations of their magical will and purpose in the ritual.

Magical rituals serve as essential conduits for directing and focusing magical energy. By engaging in these structured practices, practitioners can sharpen their focus, align their spirit, and enhance their magical abilities. Rituals, with their symbolic actions and tools, provide a tangible means to channel will and intention, thereby increasing magical power. Regular practice of these rituals deepens awareness and feeling of the connection to the metaphysical. Consistent practice deepens their understanding and mastery of magical energies, making rituals a vital component in the development of magical skills and abilities. Through these rituals, using various symbolic tools and actions, practitioners can significantly increase their magical power.


Rituals are not the sole avenue for practicing magic. The presence of genuine feelings and emotions is crucial; without them, rituals may lose their effectiveness. Emotions themselves are powerful tools for magic workers. They can harness these emotional energies to achieve remarkable results, often without the need for structured ritual practices. This highlights the integral role of emotions in magnifying and directing magical energies.

In the practice and development of magic power, it's essential to trust and follow one's instincts and feelings. Doing what feels right, guided by intuition and emotional responses, can be a powerful approach. This reliance on personal senses and emotions can lead to a more authentic and effective magical practice, as it aligns closely with the individual's true nature and connection with the universe.

Following one's intuition and desires is a key aspect of gaining magic power. This approach involves listening to and trusting one’s inner guidance, allowing one’s natural inclinations and passions to lead magical practice. By aligning with one’s intuitive senses and desires, we create a more personalized and powerful magical experience, one that resonates deeply with individual essence and our connection to the magical realm. In other words, we need to embrace our feelings.


Willpower is a fundamental element in the cultivation and expression of magic power. It is the force that drives intention into action, transforming thought and desire into tangible results. A strong will is essential for effectively harnessing and directing magical energies, making it a cornerstone of any successful magical practice.

Willpower in the context of magic is not about self-denial or abstaining from desires. Rather, it involves a conscious and focused determination to achieve one's goals and aspirations. True willpower is about harnessing one's desires and using them as fuel for purposeful action, not suppressing them.

Willpower in the realm of magic is fundamentally about realizing one's desires. It is the driving force that propels individuals towards achieving what they want. This powerful aspect of will is not merely about wishing or hoping; it's about actively directing one's energies and intentions to bring about desired outcomes, effectively turning aspirations into reality.

Willpower is a self-reinforcing quality that significantly enhances determination, ambition, and drive. As willpower strengthens, it further fuels these qualities, creating a positive feedback loop. This increase in determination and ambition leads to more focused and effective actions, thereby amplifying the willpower. In essence, the more one exercises willpower, the more potent these traits become, making willpower a key catalyst in the pursuit and realization of goals, especially in the practice of magic.


Understanding and developing the Ego is possibly the most essential aspect of building magical power. The Ego, representing one's sense of self and will, is central to the practice of magic. A strong, well-understood Ego allows for a clearer and more powerful expression of will, essential for effective magical practice. Developing the Ego involves self-awareness and alignment with one's true intentions and desires, forming a crucial foundation for enhancing magical abilities.

Building the Ego for magical practice is akin to exercising the body for physical strength. Just as physical exercise enhances the body's capabilities, consciously nurturing and developing the Ego strengthens one's magical potential. This process involves intentional self-reflection, affirming one's abilities, and fostering a strong sense of self-identity. Like regular exercise, this development of the Ego requires consistency and dedication, a habit of self-love.

Building the Ego involves fostering a sense of pride in oneself. This pride is may seem like arrogance or superiority, but we must be willing to move beyond our guilt in regards to embracing and owning our inner power. We need to be used to recognizing and valuing one's unique abilities and place in the universe. We also need to recognize that one’s place is determined largely by one’s own will, imagination and power, all of which are based around the Ego. A powerful sense of self-worth and self-respect is essential for a strong Ego, which in turn is crucial for effective magical practice.

Building the Ego also involves valuing and amplifying one's own desires. As the Ego strengthens, so too does the capacity for desire, stemming from an increasing appreciation of self-worth. This process encourages a deeper understanding of the importance of achieving desires, reflecting the growing recognition of one's value and potential. This symbiotic growth of Ego and desire is a crucial aspect of magical power.

Embracing our wants and needs is vital in building the Ego. Taking our pleasures seriously and honoring our desires are key steps in this process. This approach reinforces the value of our personal satisfaction and ambition, which in turn feeds back into strengthening the Ego. This cycle of acknowledging and pursuing our desires only enhances our sense of self.

Embracing our desires requires moving beyond fear and guilt. These emotions often act as barriers to fully realizing our true wants and aspirations. Overcoming them, or transmuting them, is essential in the journey of self-acceptance and Ego development. By releasing these inhibitions, we allow ourselves to fully acknowledge and pursue our desires, which is fundamental in enhancing our magical power and self-worth.

Building a powerful ego necessitates readiness to overcome various roadblocks. These challenges often come in the form of internal doubts, societal pressures, or emotional barriers. Overcoming these obstacles is a crucial step in strengthening the ego. It involves confronting and resolving inner conflicts, defying external limitations, and embracing one's true self.

Society often imposes arbitrary norms that can lead to internalizing feelings of guilt and fear, hindering self-expression and growth. To strengthen the ego, it's essential to challenge and move past these imposed beliefs, embracing personal desires and values free from societal constraints.

Overcoming conventional morality, particularly the concept of altruism, is seen as necessary for strengthening the ego in some magical practices. Altruism, which emphasizes selflessness, is contrary to the development of a strong ego, which focuses on self-affirmation and personal desires. To build a powerful ego, one must prioritize self-interest and personal goals over altruistic values. We must be empowered. We must embracing our own needs, wants, and aspirations as the path to greater personal and magical power.

Sex Magic

Sex, present in every living being, is one of the most potent experiences we regularly encounter. It holds immense magical potential due to its fundamental role in life and existence. The energy and connection inherent in sexual experiences make them a powerful medium for magical practices. This natural, life-affirming act is deeply intertwined with the forces of creation and transformation, making it a key element in many magical traditions.

Sexual energy is magic power. Sexual energy has been symbolized as a snake in various cultural and spiritual practices, such as Kundalini in meditation, tantric yoga in magical practices, and in pagan art. The snake itself is a Phallus. The snake as always been understood as unbridled, primal energy. This visualization underscores the deep connection between sexual energy and spiritual, ego, and magical power, which are all one and the same thing. Sexual energy is the primal universal energy, which is our metaphysical reality.

To build sexual energy, it's crucial to be comfortable with feelings of arousal, excitement, and desire. These experiences are natural, healthy, and powerful, reflecting our intuitive and expressive nature. Increasing desire amplifies sexual energy, which in itself is a form of desire. Embracing sexual activity for pleasure, ego enhancement, connection, or magical power cultivation is part of sustaining this cycle. Comfort with one's sexuality and desires is key to harnessing sexual energy for magical purposes.

Embracing a sex-positive attitude is crucial for tapping into the full potential of sexual energy in magic. This involves moving beyond guilt, shame, and cultural taboos surrounding sexuality. Historically, sexuality has often been suppressed, a trend that needs to be overcome to harness its magical power. The historical persecution of witches, often associated with both their sexual liberation and magical practices, exemplifies the fear and misunderstanding of this power. Being open to sexual experiences and acknowledging their intrinsic connection to magic is essential for personal and magical empowerment. Sex cannot be isolated from other aspects of life and magic. It is interwoven with our physical, emotional, and spiritual existence, influencing our energy and interactions.

Ritual sex can be used to amplify magical power and can be performed alone, with a partner, or in groups. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to build and channel desires and intentions, harnessing sexual energy as a powerful tool in magical workings. This practice allows for a deepened connection with personal power and the universal energies at play.

Ritual sex, while potent, is not the sole form of sexually derived magical power. Any sexual activity, whether intentional in a magical context or not, carries its own power. This is because sexual energy in any form contributes to building magical power and amplifying desire. Thus, engaging in any kind of sexual activity can be beneficial for enhancing one's magical capabilities and energy.

Building magical power involves increasing desire and building the ego, embracing emotions, and even performing rituals. Desire fuels magical intent and amplifies energy, while a strong ego is essential for asserting will in magical practices. Emotions, being potent energy sources, should be fully embraced for their transformative power. Rituals, whether traditional or personal, serve as focused methods for channeling and manifesting this power. Sexual energy, and embracing sexuality as an integral aspect of magical practice in any form, is also a powerful tool for enhancing magical abilities, and transcending cultural taboos, and building personal power.

What to do with Magic power.

Harnessing and building magical power is about self-realization and empowerment, building desire. Now, we turn our focus towards the application of this cultivated power for achieving success and fulfilling desires. This is where the true potency of magic is realized, in the realization of goals and dreams. It's about taking the energy, desire, and intention nurtured through magical practices and translating them into concrete results in our lives, thus closing the cycle from aspiration to actualization.

Assert The Ego

To achieve our desires, asserting the ego is crucial, which involves actively exercising our will. This assertion empowers us to attain whatever we aspire to, be it possessions, lovers, experiences, or control over situations. By directing our will towards our objectives, we can fulfill our desires, effectively shaping our reality to suit our needs and preferences. This process of actively realizing our desires through the power of the ego and will is not only fulfilling but also life-giving, energizing us and enhancing our experience of life.

We Already Do This

We are already engaged in the pursuit of fulfilling our desires in everyday life. However, with the application of magic, our ability to achieve these desires is significantly enhanced. Magic provides us with a heightened power to shape our lives according to our own visions and aspirations. It enables us to find greater pleasure and joy, achieve what we want, and do as we please. This enhanced capability offered by magic allows us to not just continue our pursuit of desires but to do so with greater efficacy and success.

What Do We Want?

Magic power can also be instrumental in helping us discover what we truly want, which can often be more challenging than obtaining it. The introspective nature of magical practices encourages deeper self-awareness, enabling us to uncover our true desires and aspirations. The second type of magic, knowing, is vital in this pursuit. Through this process, magic not only aids in achieving our goals but also plays a crucial role in clarifying them, providing insight into our deepest needs and wishes.


In myth, legend, and history, figures associated with magic are invariably portrayed as powerful. This connection between magic and power is intrinsic. Magic is inherently empowering, and therefore, significant figures in lore who wield magic are depicted as strong and influential. Their magical abilities are a key source of their strength, demonstrating that magic is a conduit to power.

Growth in magic equates to growth in personal power, which in turn leads to the development of the self and the ego. As one's magical abilities enhance, so too does their sense of self and personal strength, reinforcing the interconnectedness of magical prowess and self-empowerment.

With magic, we are able to do the same things we are already doing, but with more power and success. Magic leads to increased achievement, which in turn leads to increased desire, which then leads to more achievement. This is a natural cycle of empowerment. Practicing magic then, allows us to live a more empowered life.


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